This term, our focus is on understanding and actively participating in our community. We have organized two projects each week to delve into this theme:

  • Our City: During this project, we discuss the essential elements required for a community to function effectively. We emphasize the importance of institutions like schools, hospitals, and various other facilities. Additionally, we engage in a hands-on activity by creating our own city. Each week, we add a new element to the landscape, helping the students grasp the significance of different aspects in a community’s structure.
  • How Can We Help Our Community?:In this project, we shift our attention towards the role of individuals in assisting and enhancing our community through kind and helpful actions. Topics covered include sharing, acts of kindness, maintaining cleanliness in our environment, and more. For instance, last week, we set up a washing station in class and discussed ways to contribute to household chores, encouraging a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

As we near the end of the first term, the knowledge and skills gained from understanding how to actively engage in a community will continue to benefit our students inside and outside the classroom throughout the remainder of the school year.

By Tina W-M.