From the start of this year, our young learners are embarking on a journey that will help them to understand and appreciate the delicate balance of sharing our planet. For once, we’ve decided to start the year with the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Sharing the Planet‘, with the central idea of ‘Conflict and Communication‘ serving as our common thread.

The PP3/CE2 class has already begun to immerse itself in this theme. It encourages pupils to explore the interconnection between human beings and their environment. It also highlights the importance of sustainable practices, empathy and effective communication in resolving conflicts that arise when people share the same resources and need to co-exist.

It is a complex dynamic that revolves around three main themes: the reasons that lead to conflict, the management and resolution of conflict, and the need to maintain peaceful relationships in order to live and work together in harmony.

Pupils are invited to consider how effective communication, based in particular on listening attentively to others, dialogue and understanding, can lead to the resolution of those disputes and misunderstandings of varying magnitude that punctuate the human epic on Earth.

Through the study of various conflict situations, learners will sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills through role-playing, constructive comments and critics and the creation of a short comic strip. Writing a few pages of a diary should also inspire them to reflect on the impact of positive communication in bringing about the changes that are essential to living well together. At the same time, all these activities will fuel their progress in the meanders of the “How do we express ourselves” theme that will accompany us throughout the year.

As this communication goes hand in hand with the expression of emotions, they will also be able to put into practice active listening and behavioural strategies that will enable them to gain a degree of self-confidence and navigate more easily in the real world while showing empathy for the world around them.

In the PP3/CE2 class, this transdisciplinary theme of “Sharing the Planet” creates a rich learning environment that will enable students to acquire essential life skills. Through this journey, our young learners should better understand how conflict can be an opportunity for growth and change when approached with empathy and effective communication. They should develop the foundations of global citizenship, appreciating the importance of sharing our planet harmoniously. By continuing to explore and apply these concepts, our PP3/CE2 pupils will certainly become ambassadors for peace, ready to have a positive impact on the world around them.

By Claire L.