The International Baccalaureate

Rigorous teaching and student development

International School 33 (IS 33) is the joy of going to school and the guarantee of a high level of education

International School 33 is one of 5,300 schools that teach International Baccalaureate® (IB) programs to over one million students around the world. All IB World Schools are distinguished by their pedagogical rigor and emphasize the critical thinking skills, diversity and personal growth of their students.

IB programs start in kindergarten and are more extensive than the others offered by different pedagogies around the world. They develop in young people the intellectual curiosity, knowledge, sensitivity and determination necessary for success.

The IB equips students with compelling assets by strengthening their critical thinking skills and cultivating their curiosity and ability to solve complex problems. (source:

At IS 33, teaching is bilingual in English and French in kindergarten and primary. Students therefore study all subjects (mathematics, language, natural and human sciences, art and personal, social and physical education), in both languages, as many hours in French as in English.

Each student has the opportunity to study Spanish, Chinese and / or German as an option during school time.

In middle and high school, bilingual students enter the international section in order to study English language and literature. They will thus take bilingual IB exams at the end of their course. Non-bilingual students join a section dedicated to them.

All students are prepared for the Cambridge Examinations each year and our school scores very well in each session. Teachers teach in their mother tongue.

Students of International Baccalaureate® (IB) world schools receive a unique, stimulating and varied education. IS 33 is an IB school of the world for the primary years, middle years and diploma programs.


Quality student-centered education

Universities and colleges find many advantages in recruiting and admitting students from IB programs. The IB enables them to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to be successful throughout their university studies.

Through their career in an IB school, students develop:

  • time management skills as well as a real sense of personal motivation;
  • a deep interest in civic engagement;
  • remarkable academic skills;
  • strong research and written communication skills;
  • critical thinking skills;
  • an international perspective.

Research suggests, for example, that IB students are more likely than their peers to graduate from undergraduate studies and pursue graduate studies. They also suggest that they are more likely to get involved in different aspects of university life. (source:

At IS33, students have the choice of taking either the French baccalaureate or the International Baccalaureate. A French student graduating from the IB is therefore exempt from taking the French baccalaureate. By following this demanding and innovative course, the students present a dossier highly recognized by the most prestigious universities around the world. IVY league colleges, for example, such as Sciences Po, HEC, and top universities of the world such as Oxford or Harvard, promote the International Baccalaureate diploma.

The best heritage that you can leave to your children is a quality education.

⸻ Julien Lefebvre

A complete and transversal education

Education and respect

The student receives a general instruction with specific classes, weekly physical activities (motor function for the youngest and gym for the older children), and arts (fine arts and music). The students are encouraged to develop their creativity. This value, which is fundamental for the fulfillment of the student, allows them later in life to find their own solutions in challenging situations.

The main goal of International School 33  is to educate open-minded beings, who know how to adapt, who have self-confidence, and who respect others and their environment.

While growing, they are capable of choosing their own way and always have the tools to do their best in life in order to have a positive role in this world.

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