MIB Gradignan

Montessori International Bordeaux encourages students to become active, compassionate, tolerant, open-minded and long life-learners who are proud of their own values and beliefs and ready to contribute to a better world.

School statement

School’s presentation


French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German in immersion from kindergarten. Teachers use only their native language in class.


Montessori International Bordeaux guarantees a quality teaching experience adapted to each child.

The building

Spacious classrooms, a private courtyard of 1900m2 with slides and sports goal, a space dedicated to kindergarten, vegetable gardens, a science laboratory, parking spaces…


Training and a unique academic career: word from the principal.

Training courses

Training courses for adults in French to help give the best to every child.


Montessori International Bordeaux is an IB candidate school. 

Our goal

To encourage and support students to become indepenpent life long learners and develop a passion for learning. To ensure a safe enviornment where they can express themselves and explore their interests. We promote self agency and respect to others.

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Our mission

To offer stimulating work environments, to ensure a quality education, to promote advoacy and strong relationships within the school and surrounding community, to respect students, and to allow them to grow and acheive their aspirations.

Our pedagogy

The Montessori pedagogy is the most widespread in the world and has been proven for more than a century. Utilising the Montessori method along side Inquiry based learning it gives students the opportunity to have a greater depth of understanding within their learning, and relate what they are learning to real life situations. Encouraging students to develop autonomy, concentration, willpower, intelligence and creativty, preparing them for the global society that we live in today.


Parents share their experience with you
"Congratulations on your success. Your professionalism, investment, leadership, commitment, thoroughness and passion really make a difference."
"We are very grateful for all the work you are doing, the high quality of your educational project, your approach with the children, the trust you place in them, the atmosphere and the respectful setting in which they evolve."
"Our children have metamorphosed! They've opened like flowers! They feel valued. They have self-confidence. They speak and express themselves even better. They are happy to go to school and are motivated to learn!"