The classroom is not always the best working environment. Thus, as part of a chapter focusing on biodiversity and its evolution, the MYP 4 students had the opportunity to go to the Museum de Bordeaux in order to carry out one of the many activities offered by the museum.

Divided into 4 teams (Africa, America, Asia, Europe), the students, for almost an hour and a half, discovered with a lot of curiosity the different collections of stuffed animals, fossils and other skeletons as well as the many animations and digital games available to them.

By studying fossils the students were able to better understand the major changes undergone by biodiversity over geological times as well as the causes of these past changes. It also gave them a better understanding of the current changes and their causes.

By comparing skeletons, the students were able to understand how the existing kinship links between different species are established, to understand how these species are classified and to compare current classification methods with ancient methods. .

Finally, the students were able to put these classification methods into practice by studying a group of naturalized species present in the Museum’s collections.

By David R.