At International School 33, we celebrate holidays from around the world every year. We celebrated Holi, the famous color festival in India. For this, the students came dressed up in beautiful Indian clothes, but also brought typical dishes to share: Lassi, Naan bread, chickpea salad, cheese samoussa and other dishes and flavors.

In order to learn more and respect the customs of this tradition, the students discovered the history of Holi through small reports or with the help of documents at their disposal. Here is what they learned:

-The word Holi, which means “the triumph of good over evil”, is a festival of joy, where we forget all our worries.

-The colors thrown during the celebration are not chosen randomly. Indeed, each one has a meaning: red represents joy and love; green represents harmony and blue, vitality.

For the younger students, we offered them to make art around this festival in order to decorate the classrooms with a thousand colors.

Finally, to celebrate the great tradition of Holi, we shared a magnificent moment during the throwing of colors, where students, staff of the school and parents reunited.

It was an unforgettable moment for all.


By Margaux G.