In the IB program, the library plays a main role in education. As the IB defines it, “a library is designed to maximize its effectiveness: libraries are combinations of people, spaces, collections and services that facilitate and enhance teaching and learning.”

At IS33, we focus on creating a space where learners thrive and can make time for not only reading but also research and discussion. Students at our school regularly visit our library where they have the opportunity to discover a wide variety of books in different genres, in French as well as in English and other languages such as Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese. Indeed, we also emphasize multilingualism in the library, as it is one of the main threads of education in IB World Schools. Learners take the time to research books that are appealing to them and enjoy sharing their reading with each other.

Our students love spending time in this cozy place and we are thrilled to be able to participate in their literary development!

By Alicia L.