During the past week in class we have been looking at the industrial revolution and how it changed the world.  We asked questions such a as “why did it happen?”, “when did it happen?”, “where did it happen?” and most importantly “who made it happen?”.

With lots of hands on research my enquiring minds chose a factor that we found had helped the revolution happen, in case you didn’t know there were 6 such factors…  It was then up to the individuals, or pairs, to dig deeper and really look at how they aided the change.

The children asked google 101 questions and with the new knowledge they had discovered they created a presentation for their classmates and me to see.
And so armed with the new knowledge and a braveness everyone presented and to applause from their classmates we had help each other learn and supported one another when the needed courage (presentations can be hard for some).

It’s safe to say I am very proud of my enquiring minds in class.

By  Sara D.