Qualified for the French robotics nationals!

Next step, the national final in Meudon!

After an intense day of competition in Nantes, consisting of 3 events and 3 matches, our students qualified for the final of the French championship of the First Lego League!

They finished second in the regional final; what an impressive result!

We congratulate them for all their work, and their performance on this Saturday, March 12, 2022!

The FIRST®LEGO®League Challenge in numbers:

  • 255,000 participants
  • 29,000 teams
  • 29,000 bots
  • 1,350 events
  • 85 countries

The FIRST LEGO® League challenge is not based solely on robotics, it includes several components:

  • The robot contest

It involves building a robot with LEGO® materials. The authorized equipment is the same for everyone and no prior knowledge of electronics is necessary. The missions that the robot must accomplish are revealed in all countries on the same date: 8 weeks before the competition.

The preparation allows the teams to build their robot, learn to program it and develop strategies to accomplish the different missions of the challenge by programming the robot in order to accumulate the most points possible in 2 mn 30.

  • The research project

The teams must carry out research on the annual theme and propose new and original solutions that fit into their daily environment. Teams will need to look at this complex theme from multiple angles, research and present personal and creative solutions, and begin to understand how their contributions can make a positive difference.

A presentation of this work will be made the day of the competition, in 5 minutes in front of a jury. Teams can choose the form of their presentation: play, song, presentation…

  • Creativity and technical rigor

A jury will evaluate the creativity and the technical talents of the team by noting: the strategy chosen for the robot competition, the precision of the movements, the effective use of the sensors, the solidity and the originality of the structure of the robot, the clarity of the program… and finally, making sure that each member of the team knows the robot and the program well!

  • Team spirit and endurance

Another jury, by offering small challenges to each team, will note: the fair distribution of roles and work in the team, respect between team members and towards others, their ability to solve problems and to face obstacles with coolness, enthusiasm and everyone’s investment in collective work…

These 4 sections have the same weight for the final calculation of the scores!
Each of these strands embodies an important value for scientific work.

(source : https://educabot.fr/first-lego-league/)