Have you ever wondered why we breathe faster when we run? Or how our reaction time changes based on whether we hear or see information? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know if your dog really likes you? All of these questions were answered in our Science Expo!

The students grades 4 and 5 started their projects with an observation about the world around them and transformed it into a month-long scientific investigation. They had to develop a hypothesis, design an experiment, conduct tests, gather data, and display it in an eye-catching way. It was no easy task, but as we learned in our study of individuals who have changed the world, hard work, determination and perseverance are the keys to successful scientific discoveries.

On the day the of the presentations, their teacher had a surprise for the class: their projects were going to be judged by real scientists from a local research institute! Although this added a bit of pressure, the students truly rose to the challenge that was set before them. Our guests were thoroughly impressed by the range of different scientific questions and how well the students were able to display the results of their experiments. It was a great success for all participants and we hope that this annual event will be a highlight for years to come.

By Nicole S.