With judo being compulsory in the school program of our International School 33 (IS 33), our middle and high school students discover during the sessions, the bases, the rules and the moral code that the discipline imposes.

Introducing judo at this age is a way of helping our students to grow and giving them the means to become more independent, beyond sport, in learning for life. It is also a good way to see them flourish, gain self-confidence, both in confrontation and in friendship.

Judo for our teenagers is learning a universal sport where French champions occupy the forefront at the international level. It is the discovery of one’s body by developing skill, flexibility, strength and a taste for effort, meeting others in a secure environment. But finally, it is to learn respect vis-à-vis its partners, places, referees, teachers … by assimilating the “moral code” of judo which advocates the essential values ​​of respect, but also politeness, courage, sincerity, honor, self-control, modesty and friendship.

Judo, for us teachers, and for parents, is also a way to promote the progress of our children, especially through the passage of belts, without requiring surrealist performances or putting excessive pressure on them.
Discipline helps to clearly mark the limits of what is allowed and what is not. It also makes it possible to empower our students by helping them accomplish tasks on their own (tying their belt, respecting hygiene and class schedules, etc.). But it is also the possibility of showing them that they can make themselves useful within a community by playing a role in the life of the school: helping the youngest, holding a scorecard, becoming a referee, and maybe become a teacher one day.

So many values ​​that our students are keen to respect and pass on. And who are already doing it wonderfully. And as Jigoro Kano said:

“Judo, this is the way that leads us to use more effectively physical and mental energy . By practicing the attack and defense exercises, one can, while disciplining and cultivating one’s body and mind, acquiring a deep knowledge of its principle. Because the final goal of Judo, is to improve oneself and be useful to the world”