At International School 33, it is important for us that students observe the changes that occur when a new season begins.

That’s why we welcomed fall with such enthusiasm. We went to observe the changes in the playground.

We observed the fallen leaves, studied their color, collected the shells of the fallen chestnuts
and acorns. The students noticed that it was raining a lot, and that it was colder than before.
Students also remembered that they had observed mushrooms on the ground
during their walks in the woods.

Based on these observations, we decorated our table of nature to keep track of these changes in the classroom. The classroom tree also changed its color from green to colorful orange leaves.

In order to represent these changes, we painted beautiful autumn trees.

The students were very proud to produce the artwork and they look forward to representing the tree during every season.

We also discovered what fruits and vegetables are in season, such as pears and apples.
Wednesday afternoon, we made cookies with hazelnuts. Students were delighted to discover all of this.

This perpetual renewal always amazes the children and we are already looking forward to winter coming along.

By Lisa-Marie