In Language Acquisition, one of the central elements of IB is to be able to use the language in different communicative situations, orally and in writing. The students of 5 MYP Spanish are working on the media. Two questions arise in this research topic: on the one hand, to know the different interlocutors and, on the other hand, to reflect on the scope and function of the media in our lives.

Why is it important to know the possible interlocutors? Because this information will enable learners to know which register is the most appropriate to use, what kind of media they have to use and in which situations; something they surely know in their mother tongue but when it comes to a foreign language it is less obvious because the codes and referents change according to the use that each culture makes of its own language.

In relation to the second theme, the role of the media, today more than ever it is important to know what we read, how we are informed and what are the sources of the information that reaches us, sometimes as univocal truths. Developing critical thinking helps learners to play a central role in the construction of their own learning beyond the seduction that words and social networks can exert on us.