In the past couple of weeks, IS33’s middle school students have discovered that maths can help solve puzzles and understand “magic tricks” . Indeed, algebra may seem complicated at first, but it is a good simplification and problem-solving tool once you understand its logic and how it works.

In sixth grade, the pupils discovered the first calculators . This very popular and much appreciated tool was not always so practical and light as it is today. The students researched, prepared posters and presented the results of their work to their classmates. Well done to the students who have done particularly well-developed presentations.

We have also found that probability is part of our everyday life. Can chance be calculated? It is by playing and doing simulations that students acquire the notion of probability. They reflect on the advantage of different types of representations such as probability trees, tables and lists.

Indeed, by reflecting on the advantages, disadvantages and rationale of different mathematical tools, they become much more understandable and effective .