At International School 33, we know how important it is to take our students on field trips. This is why we plan outings before each holiday.

The CP students had the chance to discover the Gradignan media library, located a few kilometers from our school. We went to this place full of culture and media.

The students first visited the library: novel section, comic section, multimedia section cinema and youth sections. Then, each of them had the opportunity to choose a book, a documentary or a comic book to read for a certain amount of time.

Finally, the students had the chance to sit comfortably, to listen to different stories told to them.
It was a nice shared moment, which the students enjoy telling their parents about.

Before leaving, the library had prepared about fifteen books on our current theme: the history of life on Earth. The students were delighted to leave with so many books. And we are happy to see our students flourish with the tools we give them.

By Margaux G.