This term at International School 33, we are focusing on the seven continents as part of our curriculum. Our studies encompass geography, climate, culture, and animals. The students in the maternelle are particularly enthusiastic about discussing various animals, both domesticated pets and wildlife. These discussions help them connect with nature and enhance their understanding of the world around them.

Recently, my Hermann tortoises emerged from hibernation, and I viewed it as an excellent opportunity to introduce the students to real-life animals we often talk about in class when exploring the wildlife found on different continents. Hermann tortoises primarily inhabit the Mediterranean forests and can be found in the wilds of southern Europe and northern Africa.

The students thoroughly enjoyed meeting the tortoises and had numerous questions about their diet, hibernation habits, and how owning one compares to having a dog or a cat. Throughout the day, the students took great care of the tortoises, helping to find dandelions for them to eat and handling them with utmost care. We appreciate your support in taking care of us at the school!


By Tina W.