This is the issue that the students of PEI 4 reflected on during the first period. What are humans and trees made of? How do they breathe? How do they communicate? Are some of the questions they studied. They were open-minded as they discovered that trees “talk” to each other by exchanging information and nutrients and invented communication networks long before us!

How then can we respect these living beings and not only consider them as a resource? At the
end of the period, the pupils were able to rethink the possibility of exploiting the forest in a
sustainable way.

As soon as they returned from their holidays, they went to the Smurfit Kappa paper mill in order to find out about the use of forest resources in the field and to better understand the necessary balance between the maintenance of the forest and its exploitation. To close this unit, the pupils worked on their communication skills by preparing an exhibition presenting their favourite part of the theme.