This term, we will be working with the five senses. We started the first week after the holidays with some songs and games about the five senses. The students were asked what they could hear, see, feel, taste, and smell in the classroom and how these impressions affect them, e.g. what they like to taste and what they don’t like to taste or what smells good and what smells bad. We wrote our reflections down and added them to our PP-board in the class.

The following day, we had fun discovering our sense of sight. Though the weather is getting colder, we enjoyed a day with clear skies and, most importantly, no rain so we could go outside and explore what we can see in nature. The students worked in pairs to complete a scavenger hunt by searching for different plants and animals. Afterward in the classroom, the students were proud to tell the class what they had found on the playground.

We are excited to see what we will discover this term when looking at the four remaining senses: hearing, taste, touch, and smell. My sixth sense tells me that it’s going to be fun!

By Tina W.