What does the universality of stories teach us ? How is the relationship between Man and Nature represented in literature ? What urges individuals to make commitments ?

Since the beginning of the year, these questions have guided students in their analyses of texts, songs, and film. Students in MYP1 are studying traditional tales from around the world: Peru, China, France, Antilles, Russia (to name a few). Students have been challenged to extend their knowledge about other cultures. They have learned to recognise and appreciate the universality of this literary genre and, obviously, understand its structure – this last skill representing a main requirement needed for the kids to be able to write their own story, for which they will then have to imagine, create and print the cover.

MYP 2 and 3 have also been working on the relationship between Man and Nature: is it represented as a domination, cooperation or subordinate relationship?

Is mankind nature’s master or its slave? Last but not least, MYP 4 have been studying the concept of engagement in different kinds of art ( literature, photography) so as to increase their knowledge of argumentation as well as the different ways of verbal and non verbal expression. At the end of the unit, student will give speeches on a given subject.