In our school, the children work on a wide variety of themes throughout the year. To start the new school year, the CE1 class is looking at what well-being is. The children have come to understand the importance of well-being in their lives and have the opportunity to explore different times and lifestyles to understand the many ways to focus on well-being.

With the start of the new school year a fortnight ago, we have already been able to look at two chapters. First, we went to Hawaii to learn about Ho’oponopono, a forgiveness ceremony where everyone learns to forgive themselves and show love to others. To illustrate this chapter, the class created some very nice flower necklaces!

Then we went to America and the Amerindians to understand the importance of nature and its observation in order to live in peace and harmony with it and with those around us. We immersed ourselves in Native American culture by building dream catchers!

The rest of the programme promises to be just as exciting, so, see you in a few weeks to discover the wonderful creations of the Montessori International Bordeaux school!