What could be better than a sunny morning for children to have fun discovering a new sport? That’s exactly what happened during the tennis initiation for primary school students at IS33. With the good weather and the children’s enthusiasm, the morning was a real success, full of laughter, learning and camaraderie.

Before getting down to business, the coaches took the time to explain the basic rules of tennis to the children. They showed them how to hold a racket correctly and how to hit the ball accurately. The children were captivated and eager to start playing.

The students split up into small groups and began practicing on the various courts. Some concentrated on serving, while others practiced volleying. Encouragement and laughter came from all sides, creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. The children were determined to improve their skills while having fun.

The introduction to tennis was also an opportunity for the children to develop essential values such as fair play and collaboration. They encouraged each other and shared tips on how to improve. Friendly competition was present, but the emphasis was on fun and collective learning. The children forged stronger bonds by working together and sharing moments of joy.

The morning of tennis initiation for primary school pupils at IS33 will be remembered for a long time. In glorious sunshine, the children had a great time discovering a new sport, developing new skills and sharing moments of joy with their classmates. The experience left a positive mark, sparking a burgeoning passion for tennis in some children. Well done to all participants for their enthusiasm and fair play.



By Alicia L.