IS33’s ski trip from February 26 to March 4 was a rewarding educational experience for the students. During this week, the students had a full day of classes in the morning, ski lessons in the afternoon, and evenings of relaxation and fun with activities.

The morning classes allowed the students to continue with their regular curriculum, working in a different environment and enjoying the beauty of the snowy mountains. Ski lessons were held in the afternoon, and students had the opportunity to explore the ski slopes and perfect their skills under the supervision of qualified instructors.

In addition to the organized activities, the students also had the opportunity to socialize and make friends with their classmates. Evenings were filled with fun activities such as board games. The students were very supportive of each other and adapted very well to living in the community. They learned to know each other better, to work together and to respect each other’s differences.

In summary, the ski trip was a unique educational, sports and social experience for the students. They were able to combine learning, skiing and recreation while building team spirit and adaptability. This experience will undoubtedly stay with them for a long time.