We give a very special place to art in our school. Indeed, artistic and cultural education is essential for cultural democratization and equal opportunities and it is a subject of outmost importance for us at IS 33.

See, for example, the work done by the second graders who are currently working on the theme of the tropical forest. The students worked in several stages and studied the work of the douanier Rousseau, a French painter from the end of the 19th century.

During the year, the students in the class also worked on Andy Warhol and were inspired by his work to create their paintings as you can see here.

We talked about optical effects by looking at the works of Victor Vasarely and the children were very inspired during their work, while working on the adaptation of animals.

Our students were interested by the art of different cultures and different eras and came up with beautiful and creative works!

Some of our students are so passionate about art that they have made beautiful projects at home to present in class. This is also what we are looking for in our school; giving our students the desire to express themselves beyond the walls of the school!

By Alicia L.