Hobbies and leisure activities allow individual creativity for personal and cultural expression and have a purpose to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Talking about our hobbies and interests by making the appropriate word choices can help us to connect with others.

In our recent unit titled ‘How do you pass the time?’, the 6e-5e-4e English language acquisition class explored hobbies, leisure activities and interests within our community and across borders. The students were very enthusiastic when I revealed, at the beginning of the chapter, that they would have the opportunity to exchange emails with middle school students from Zutphen, Netherlands. I was going to visit some friends there mid-May, and I knew their similar-aged children would be keen on hearing about how my students in France like to spend their free time.

The class decided, unanimously, that they would seriously focus on vocabulary building around the main topics: hobbies, interests and leisure activities in order to build their confidence in expressing themselves accurately. They buckled down to learn about the conventions of writing emails. Once they began to feel more at ease, the time was ripe to write their emails to the Dutch students. I took their work with me to Zutphen, and the children there were really happy to reply. They even sent some photos of themselves to the class.

The students of the 6e-5e-4e English language acquisition class hope you will enjoy reading some of the emails from this successful and happy exchange!

By Angela B.