Since the dawn of time, people have travelled: to survive, to live better, to conquer, to explore, to meet new people or simply to have fun.

To find their way around, they have created maps and coordinate systems, which the students of PEI 2 and 3 have made their own during the study of this theme.

Latitude and longitude no longer held any secrets for them, so they each imagined their own journey and learned to calculate speed, duration and distances, and to draw relevant graphs to represent data. These notions were worked on in an interdisciplinary way, as physics need mathematics.

In the next part of the study, they will ask themselves: “Where could we go?”

In PEI 2 the research will be oriented on the conquest of space and the organization of the Universe while the students of PEI 3 will work on the access to knowledge of the Universe via the information transmitted by the light which reaches us.

Finally, the unit will end with more philosophical questions: what is the point of going further and further? Does travel go against sustainable development? These more general questions allow students to learn to argue and debate by listening to each other’s opinions.

By Sandra B.