At International School 33, we offer students, at the beginning of each period, a theme on which we will reflect and question ourselves for several weeks, and this, in a transdisciplinary way.
In order to follow the progress of great Montessori stories, our first graders studied in the previous period the history of writing and numbers. Being fascinated by hieroglyphs and ancient Egypt, students were so happy to create papyrus and write on it.

This was done in several stages, starting first with the making of the papyrus:

  • first, the students took compresses and soaked them in coffee to give them the yellow color of the papyrus.
  • then once dry, the students coated the compress with transparent glue to give the rigid side of the papyrus.
  • Then they drew beautiful Egyptian symbols (patterns, hieroglyphs, pharaohs, animals…) before coloring them.
  • To finalize everything, we glued the decorated papyrus on colored sheets to enhance their work.

The students particularly enjoyed this artistic activity, and the study of hieroglyphics.

During the period, they had the opportunity to learn more about Sumerians, Mayans, Chinese calligraphy, Phoenician, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Morse code, Braille, printing etc.

A fascinating program, isn’t it?

By Margaux G.