Our children are the future of our planet, so it is essential to make them aware of the environment from an early age. How can we make them understand the environmental issues in a simple and fun way?

For this unit I decided to give children tips on how to consume or act differently. Each learning experience tackles in a playful and educational way a theme related to ecology, the environment or even animal protection. Even if they can’t understand or retain all of the information at once, I feel this will set them up with good habits for life. By teaching students that keeping our planet clean and healthy has significant environmental benefits, they should want to protect it for future generations to come.

To make an impact, I showed how much trash students create daily by playing a game where you collect all their paper towels after washing their hands. At the same time, we also discussed to be mindful of the soap we use and how much we use it. This led to practice water conservation with a simple task such as turning off the faucet while washing our hands (or when brushing teeth at home, etc). This activity in particular, was a wonderful way for kids (of all ages) to learn about caring for our environment. They now show great enthusiasm in completing the task on a daily basis.

Together we can make sure future generations don’t take nature’s resources for granted and we can try to make a difference!

By Karine T.