International School 33 is back in session, so it is also time for our high school students to put on their kimono and develop their skills. This also sets benchmarks and allows our MYP students to be positive role models for our young Judokas.

In Judo, it is important that rituals and an understanding of the origins of Judo is respected.  Judo recognizes its founding master (Master Jigoro Kano) and insists on the respect of the “moral code” and the sharing of rituals.

History is taught along with the techniques. The most competent students in their field are considered as “examples” or ” role models” , a sign of the trust placed in them, whatever their age. In this way, our teenagers evolve in a framework of mutual respect and trust. This is an opportunity for them as well as for us.

“The idea of considering others as enemies can only be madness and a source of regression.”


By Johanna D.