At International School 33, we want students to be actors in their learning . This is why we offer various activities and experiments so that students develop their autonomy and their curiosity.

To begin our second theme on” The emergence of life on Earth “, students discovered that the first forms of living organisms were not visible to the naked eye. They then followed an exchange between the students on how to observe microscopic elements.
Some have suggested looking at these “little things” with a magnifying glass, others have suggested using a microscope.

So we did the experiment: first with used a magnifying glass – the pupils realized that it was not enough to see all the details – then with a microscope . It was then that the students concluded that this material allowed these small elements to be enlarged 4 times or 10 times.

An experiment as beautiful as it was conclusive: the pupils were therefore able to observe various tiny elements (fish scales, fly legs, bee wings, etc.) using a microscope and describe perfectly what they saw.

Well done to them for their excellent scientific reasoning !