Presenting a demonstration of eloquence: this was a project carried out by the MYP4 students at the end of the first period. While they were working on commitment and argumentation in French class, the idea appeared to give them the floor, in front of an audience, on a subject dear to their hearts.

For 6 weeks, the students were invited to do some unusual exercises: improvisation, body management in space, voice placement… All these theatre exercises were suggested by our speaker Arthur, actor and director, and were done in parallel with the writing of the text. The theme? The Future. And these questions: what do you spontaneously think of when we talk about the future? How do you feel about the future? What message do you think is essential to be heard, to lead us towards the best possible future? Whether it was professional ambitions, anxiety about worsening global problems or awareness of particular causes (pet abandonment or overuse of plastic), each speech presented the challenge of reflecting a singularly committed thought.

While many were apprehensive about the final demonstration, the confidence and self-assurance they gained over the weeks enabled them to bring the project to a successful conclusion. What will they take away from this experience? Every voice, every speech, must be heard and listened to.
Everyone’s opinion, but especially their own, what they think and feel, is important and
must be expressed, as they all have the resources within them to assert themselves.

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