School trips are a great way for pupils to get out of the classroom and enjoy enriching experiences. Recently, our Year 6 pupils were lucky enough to go on a school trip to Barcelona, a dynamic and culturally rich city. The trip was much more than a simple getaway, it was an opportunity to learn, discover and build friendships.

From the moment they arrived in Barcelona, our students were immersed in a vibrant, multicultural atmosphere. The city abounds in artistic and architectural treasures that aroused their curiosity. They visited iconic sites such as the Sagrada Família, Parc Güell and the Gothic Quarter, which gave them an insight into Catalan history and culture. These visits were an opportunity to discover renowned artists such as Gaudí and to appreciate their influence on modern architecture.

The trip was also a unique opportunity for our students to practise their Spanish in real-life situations. In contact with local people, they were able to exchange ideas, ask questions and improve their command of the language. The students quickly gained confidence and realised that communication was not just a question of vocabulary, but also of cultural expression and understanding. This encouraged them to continue their efforts to learn Spanish at collège and to open up to other cultures and languages.

This school trip to Barcelona has had a significant impact on our 6ème pupils. As well as the academic aspect, they developed interpersonal skills such as open-mindedness, tolerance and respect for diversity. They also learnt about the importance of intellectual curiosity and discovering the world around them. This experience gave them a glimpse of life beyond their usual environment and broadened their horizons, offering them new perspectives on their own identity and their place in the world.