It’s almost the end of the school year at International School 33. It has been a fun term and we have learned a lot about our theme: the continents.

Each week, we have focused on a continent, and we have talked about countries and flags, nature, climate, and culture. The students especially enjoyed our cultural experiences which included activities like cooking, making our own festivals in the classroom, and experiments.

While working on North America, we talked about Native Americans, their culture, and their history. We then made our own clay pots inspired by Native American culture. This project lasted the whole week as we first needed to shape the pots, then wait for them to dry, paint them, and finally wait for them to dry again. The students really enjoyed doing pottery, and we ended up with a range of different shapes and colors.

Learning about different cultures can be challenging at such a young age, but when the students complete hands-on activities, they both engage themselves in the cultural experience and reflect on what they are doing and why.