In order to start the new year at International School 33, we organized a trip to the circus with all the kindergarten and primary students.

By bus, our students went to the other side of Bordeaux, near Darwin, to attend the modern circus
“Cirkulez”. A friendly circus, without animals, where artists perform on stage for a spectacular show: trapeze, hoops, rollerblades, diabolo, tightrope, acrobatics and other stunts. Our students were in awe watching this amazing show.

Once the show was over, they were able to talk to the artists and ask many questions. This initiative allowed students to get answers to questions such as “how do you stand on the wire?”, “how come your giant hoop was spinning around you?” or “how did you set up the tent?

Afterwards, our students had the chance to sit on the performers’ stage to share a big picnic.

It is during these events that our students prove to us that they are one big family despite the age
difference. Mutual support and kindness are the watchwords in our school.

By Margaux G.