Beginning of the recording of the “ Nanostar Show “: our MYP4 and 5 students staged the television interview of scientists linked to the microscopic world and highlighted a discovery or an invention that changed society (the electron, the cathode ray tube, the photovoltaic effect or the tunneling microscope).
This is an opportunity to work on oral communication in a small group to gain self-confidence.
The camera turns off; then place for constructive remarks from the public, positive feedback and advice between peers to improve their performance: here no judgment but sharing to move forward together!
Congratulations to all for this beautiful ending of our first unit around atoms and molecules .

Atoms? Molecules? Two words well known to our MYP3 students! Their goal for this first period was to understand what happens at a microscopic level during a chemical transformation . Sense of observation and deduction have been developed through differentiated activities: there is no one way to get to the same place! The students have done:
experiments, manipulation of molecular models or even virtual escape game .
A comic strip produced by our young researchers will give a beautiful ending to this first study after returning from a well-deserved holiday.

Outside the camera, the MYP2 students have been questioning themselves and analyzing the content of their favorite drinks since the start of the school year. Acidity, sugar level or even the ability of liquids and solids to mix have been their areas of research. Experiment after experiment, they were able to appropriate at their own pace some basic notions of chemistry and immerse themselves in the scientific process. The creation of a poster summarizing part of their work allowed them to end this period in a creative way…. and not to see their drinks quite the way they used to before !

In our drinks, there is water: a vital resource to be preserved, will tell you our th 6 students who have focused their attention on this precious liquid. Seeking in turn to make muddy water limpid, to desalinate sea water or even to understand the path of water from the source to our tap, they are about to offer us a communication campaign around water savings. All mobilized for our planet !