We were delighted to welcome students and their families on Monday 4 September for the start of the 2023 school year, full of discoveries, challenges and opportunities. This year, we had the privilege of welcoming more than 225 pupils to our two schools: Gradignan and Caudéran.

Our students come from all around the world, sharing their cultures, languages and traditions. This cultural diversity is at the very heart of our school, giving our students a valuable opportunity to learn from each other and open up to new perspectives. Moreover, every year at International School 33, our students have the chance to celebrate many international holidays and take part in school trips around the world to learn more about the customs that make up our beautiful planet.

Our international school offers bilingual teaching in English and French from nursery to primary school. And an English section, a French section and a bilingual section in collège and lycée, so everyone can benefit from courses that suit them.

This new school year at International School 33 is the beginning of a new fun and amazing adventure. We can’t wait to see our students grow up, learn and blossom in our international community. We wish them a school year full of discoveries, friendship and success. 

L’International School 33