Design- Architecture 

Statement of inquiry- The design of buildings and structures is dependent upon environmental factors, human ingenuity, and available materials. 

In Design class the 6eme have been learning about architecture, the project is to design a pavilion for the outside space just in front of the school. 

The pavilion could be a social space or could be used as an outdoor classroom. The students have selected their own function and are creating exciting designs fit for that purpose. They have taken inspiration for the form of the design from nature.

Art- Protest art

Statement of Inquiry – Art provides a platform for global citizens to take action and communicate to an audience.

In art class the students have been artists and activists, they selected a global issue based on the United Nations sustainable development goals. They have investigated the ways artists use art as a means to enact change and communicate a message to a wider audience. They have then created a protest artwork to communicate a message and promote action.

The students have explored large scale art installations, and are working towards a collaborative group exhibition in the school.