Visual arts, like music, drama and dance, stimulate creativity, imagination and sensitivity while promoting autonomy, self-expression and interaction with the environment. It is therefore essential for our school to develop these qualities by offering children a number of different art activities.

Our second graders have already been able to express their creativity and show their artistic side by creating beautiful work related to our theme: well-being, or how we focus on our well-being in different cultures and/or times.

Through their creations, the children were able to express their desires and their visions of well-being. It is also a moment where we can focus on our emotions and understand that we can control them to feel good. This is the principle of art therapy where we try to transform emotions into positive ones through artistic creation (painting, theater, dance, collage, modeling, photography, puppets).

In our school, we try to value all the techniques that allow children to feel fulfilled in their life at school but also in everyday life.

Congratulations to our young artists!