Are Molière’s plays still relevant today? For our MYP4 and MYP5 students, for several weeks immersed in the world of dramatic art, the answer is yes!

The students first immersed themselves in the work of Molière as readers in order to appropriate the lexicon of the 17th century and the Alexandrines. Then, they took the place of spectator through the viewing and analysis of various representations of iconic comedies such as L’Avare. Because they are curious and demanding , the students also put themselves in the shoes of the director and then of the actor by memorizing the lines of a scene from the play read in full : Tartuffe. Their creative and collaborative capacities then unfolded when it was time to perform on stage in front of their peers.

Our students had to find strategies to overcome their stage fright , but it was worth it! Following their performances, the words pleasure, indulgence, courage, mutual aid are those which emerged during the time devoted to discussion and self-criticism. Moreover, bringing the characters to life allowed them to fully appreciate the work of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin and to measure his ambition: to please and to educate.
Now the students take on the role of play righters. They accept the challenge of getting into writing short theatrical scenes .
But the question is, how to simultaneously criticize, denounce a sensitive subject and please? What causes laughter? Should we laugh at our faults? Here is all the art of satire that the students are tasting as they take a critical look at our society, our values, our vices.