Each session of our high school math lesson, begins with a little quiz to the delight of the students who are happy and proud to show that they have done a good job on their homework since the last session ?

Once the quiz handed in, students log in to their personal online workspace, using their tablet, where they find work instructions for the session. The planned work is personalized and developed specifically for each student according to their abilities and pace of work, students love it!

Autonomously, students get to work. Some put on their headphones to watch videos of Factorizing Using Remarkable Identities while others open their notebooks to finish tasks on the square root … or others are still trying to connect to their workspace! Don’t worry, we always manage to get there ?

Me? … in the meantime? I drink coffee ?… No of course not! I meet individually with the students to discuss about their mistakes in the quiz or in different tasks, I walk around the classroom to make sure that each student has reached their cruising speed, I explain concepts on the board …  as you can imagine I never get board!

It’s time to write down the homework, students can’t believe it: “Already! “,  yes time flies when you’re absorbed by the task you are up to! Some find it hard to stop, they really want to finish what they have started … yet, it’s time to go to Biology class, there’s no way you can be late!

Everyone leaves with homework to do and this last recommendation: “Remember to review what you did today for the next class’s quiz. “

As you can guess, there will be as many quiz papers as there are students in the class because each student is tested on what they did in the previous session.