As a proud member of the international community and a dedicated English teacher at IS33, my recent journey to Bordeaux held an enchanting surprise. It was an honour and a privilege to attend the welcoming event for King Charles III and Queen Camilla, where multiple nationalities gathered to celebrate unity despite the unpredictable British style weather, which alternated between sunshine  and rain. Meeting their majesties was a dream come true. I was privilege d enough to meet both their majesties where I engaged in a heartfelt discussion with both the King and Queen about life as a British member of the French community. The shared values and experiences we discussed reinforced the importance of fostering global connections. But the magic of this day didn’t stop there! Paddington, our beloved British mascot, was in attendance to ensure no one was forgotten. His presence added an extra touch of warmth and friendliness to the gathering, reminding us of the importance of inclusivity. Before attending the main event the King and Queen graced the HMS Iron Duke ⚓ with their presence.

Here, they received a warm welcome from both British and French forces, a remarkable moment that resonated deeply with the IS33 school community and some of these amazing people are part of the IS33 community themselves. It was a symbolic representation of the strong bonds between our nations. To add to the grandeur, their majesties arrived by tram, a sight to behold against the backdrop of Bordeaux’s picturesque waterfront. As they departed, they were serenaded by the Fiji rugby team ???? , whose harmonious melodies filled the air, creating a memorable finale to this extraordinary event ! The day served as a poignant reminder that despite our diverse backgrounds, we can come together to celebrate shared values, cultures, and aspirations. It was an unforgettable experience, reinforcing the beauty of global unity and the importance of bridging nations through mutual respect and understanding. In the end, as the rain and sunshine  alternated above us, we found that it was the warmth of our connections and the strength of our shared values that truly defined this magical day in Bordeaux.

By Sara D.